The blond youngster stood on the edge of the wharf and felt the gentle caress of God’s breath. He closed his eyes and remembered the warmth of His embrace only one year prior, as the waters closed around him and life became little more than folly and memories. 

        He remembered the golden rays, far above, that showed him the way home, through the emerald depths as he gently sank further away from what he knew or could ever reach by himself. 

        He remembered the feeling of loss and the irresistible joy of leaving.

        Slowly he opened his eyes, as the deck below his feet rose and fell with the swell of a passing wave. He stood with his feet apart, resisting the abrupt change that had threatened to topple his lithe, teenaged body into the same waters. He smiled, no longer afraid of what had happened, or what might, on the journey ahead of him. A journey that would span decades of time and take the boy to many places where love was measured by Others and portioned out to more deserving children… 

          He looked out across the lake and then gently tossed the tiny, rose coloured  pebble that he had brought  with him in his  tightly clenched , tanned fingers. It hit the still waters with an almost indiscernible splash from which a series of tiny, concentric  ripples emerged. The boy watched, and wondered if those ripples would ever reach the other side like he and Bobby had argued. Whether there would ever be the type of justice deserved of their faith and trust.

           It hardly seems possible, but now the first ripples have reached that other shore, and finally, for Matty and others like him, God’s Grace has blessed this land. There is more to do, and more to endure, but today the blond boy smiled. Many have paid dearly, but their sacrifice will be remembered in the love and memories yet to be claimed. 

          Grace. Amazing grace. 

           Today, our President spoke the words for all of us. ALL of God’s children.