Dear Reader,

         I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but I guess being silent felt wrong, even though my voice feels weak and ineffective most times in the past few years…

         I spent a few hours at my parents’ house last night, which is next door, to those who haven’t followed my blog before. Actually, it’s directly to the west, and was once part of a relative – dominated neighborhood, full of children, aunts and uncles, and fruit trees that my grandfather had so lovingly planted and nurtured until the time of his death. He died shortly after welcoming me into the family, on a warm August morning, as I lay in a bassinet, unaware of anything but my mother’s love. I would have loved to have known him, for I’ve heard that he loved children, especially those related to him, and could be found at family gatherings in the farmhouse yard, swinging on a hammock, surrounded by tow- headed urchins who knew him as “Dziadek” (pronounced Gah- dek, the ‘g’ spoken like the ‘g’ in gene), and who shared his passion for hugs and laughter. I like to think I take after him in that regard, even when things aren’t going particularly well.


         But I digress. Again.

         I was at my parents’ house because my mom had returned from some pre- Easter festivities at one of my brother’s houses, feeling ill. I don’t know what part, if any, the food had in it, but something hit her hard, and she was feeling quite ill. Still is, as a matter of fact…

         So, I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I slept the right number of hours, more or less, but awoke feeling achy and tired. Lots on my mind. When that happens, I generally try to lose myself in some task, barring an immediate solution to the problem at hand, but today I decided eventually to review the morning ‘news’ programs that I record so that I can keep in touch with what’s happening in our domestic politics as well as what’s driving the news overseas.

          Almost immediately, I was faced with the dilemma of watching a so- called “religious leader” in the Catholic Church express his (and therefore the Church’s) views on the debate about LGBT rights, in light of the recent legislation and subsequent maelstrom in both Indiana and Arkansas. I decided to watch the segment, even tho I calculated that it might raise my blood pressure. 

           I was right. About the raised blood pressure, that is…

          Let me first say that I’m particularly tired of self- righteous “religious” leaders and the sheep they portend to speak for. This man, who holds the position in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in this country, unabashedly spoke of gay people in the way I’ve heard similar bigots prostalitise for decades now. If there’s any difference, the change is minor and maddeningly consistent. In his mind, gay people are sinners, deserved of redemption ONLY if they repent. Meaning? Well… He (Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia) was asked whether there was a place in the church for people in same- sex relationships, he replied, “if they give up the relationship”.

           Huh?! My hands are shaking right now. I’d like to have this guy nearby, so that… Well, I’ll let you fill in the rest. Actually, THAT would be stooping to the lows that he prefers, so I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. He’s not worth the bloody knuckles, or a precious second of my time, truth be told.

            But I didn’t start writing this as a rant against his obvious bigotry or un-Christlike beliefs. I started to write this because his rhetoric is so deeply believed by so many purposely ignorant, self- described “Christians” who blindly quote Leviticus and Corinthians as evidence that we, as a community, deserve the wrath, and not the love of God, as though it was written on those tablets Moses carried from Mount Sinai. 

             He is both wrong, and corrupt, because it his responsibility to explore his faith, just like I have, over the course of my life, and to come to terms with the Message and what Christ meant when he commanded us to love each other. Conveniently dogging the misconceptions purpitrated by various faiths over the years, is light years away from what his mission should be! 

             He seems to arrogantly avoid the glaring translation problems that have led other, like- minded bigots to come to the conclusion that Paul was somehow speaking about gay people in a world where there wasn’t even a word for homosexuality! But does that stop Chacun or Dolan, for that matter?! Naw! Why stop, when you hold fast to the strategy that gay people are a convenient scapegoat for all the evils in the world? Why not morph words like ‘malakoi’ and ‘arsenokoitai’ into convenient slangs for homosexuality, even though NOONE, including the best scholars of ancient languages can reach a consensus or, in reality, decipher the words. They were exclusive to Paul, and derivations of other words PERHAPS, but they certainly lacked the type of clarity that resulted when the New Testament became a bludgeon for the religious bigotry we’ve been dealing with, even today, when intelligent, and educated people should know better. 

          Chacun, you sicken me, and in the process, you expose yourself for the charleton that you are. Instead of taking up the cause of your Flock, you pursue a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that will prove out to be illegitimate and evil in the end. 

           And, terribly destructive to the Church, and the loving children of Christ, which I consider myself to be one of. And NO, you have NOTHING to say about that, whether you embrace the concept or not! I was, and AM His creation, and will let NO MAN demean my existence or faith. 

          So, is the Church undergoing a reformation, like he contends? You bet! But, it’s not going to end well for him or for his place in history. Without searching for truth, we are all headed for extinction. We have a responsibility, not only to ourselves, but to the rest of society, to explore the possibilities, and look beyond our prejudices, hard as that might be. Christ demanded that of us. Somehow, the Spirit of his Message has been co- opted, but we now live in a world where information can no longer be hidden. Not easily. We are quickly outstripping the abilities of those in power to translate for us. To hide inconvenient facts. Thank the Lord.

            And with that, I wish all of you who celebrate this sacred holiday, a Happy Easter. And with it, I ask that you show a kindness to someone you don’t know, or particularly like. That’s what Christ would have done. 

             At least, that’s what MY faith tells me.