So today,  dearest reader, I decided to stay at home to try to catch up on things. Maybe even work on relaxing a bit and pulling out of this tailspin my life has become suddenly.

               It’s been a while since I felt impassioned enough to actually take the 45 minutes or so, to make what Bobby once called, “the best damned omelette on God’s green earth”.  It makes me smile to remember that. But then, I’ve been more contemplative lately, even if I haven’t shared much of it. For that, I am sorry.

                 Anyways, I was reading the recent comments from my last post, and even replying to one (I’m sorry I haven’t been prompt with a few others, but I WILL get to them, I promise ) from a young man I really admire, who has had his share of adversity, and then some. To me, he is a hero of sorts, and one of the most gifted musicians I have ever encountered. I kid you not!  I’m sure he’ll cringe to read this, but it’s true, so I’ll say that until he finally realizes how gifted he really is… But reading that comment and revisiting the post, brought back some very strong feelings. Some good, some dark.

                    I found myself remembering some of the best times in my life, when my ‘secret’ was still just that, and I walked this earth as a shadow, looking for safe places. I was joyful in those places and careful everywhere else. Very careful…

                     But, back to what brought me here.

                     Late this morning, I decided to treat myself to something that I rarely eat anymore. It’s too time consuming in my fast paced world, to put the lovely dish together that I so enjoyed in my youth, and when I was 30 pounds lighter.

                     I used to call it my ‘masterpiece’, and altho that occasionally raised eyebrows and elicited a few rather crude responses, I never remember a lover or  friend turning down my offer to produce one. To the contrary, I was often hounded, sometimes in the wee hours, to capture that ‘magic’ as a favor or as a prelude, if you will. 😛 It’s quite true, at least in my experience, that ‘good food is the way to a man’s heart.’ But, I digress.


                           So, I’ve never done a ‘food’ post, I don’t think, even though I’ve been breaking eggs all of my life. Apparently. Might as well enjoy what can’t be undone, eh?!

                         First of all, it helps to have a source for fresh veggies, if possible… Growing up on the farm had a big impact on me that I’ve tapped in my adult life by maintaining vegetable and herb gardens, as well as perennial beds that serenely greet me every day as I return from work.

                          But, if you don’t have gardens or let’s say it’s winter in your neck of the woods, find some sweet peppers, some onions, and even some tomatoes if you can. I’ve even used zucchini squash and small bits of broccoli, but a little goes a long way, believe me!  Better off using simple ingredients that don’t overwhelm the senses…

                          So, start there, slicing and dicing. The peppers, onions and tomatoes, that is!  Oh… by the way — ceramic knives suck (pretty much), so don’t waste your money buying one like I did!  lol  They chip, no matter how careful you are! I know. I treated mine like a prized possession, but it still chipped! Buy a nice utility chef’s knife, even if it costs a bit more!  I have since. In fact, I bought a specific handful of pretty expensive knives from a young man who worked for me briefly and who sells ‘Cutco’ knives as a way to make a few extra bucks… OK. I know the company might be overpricing their knives and it MIGHT be a bit disingenuous in it’s employee interactions, but they do produce fine quality knives. So…

                            Well anyways, once you get the peppers, onions and tomatoes diced, you might want to dice up some meat. Maybe some ham, or even some veal loaf, like I used this morning. I decided on veal loaf, because that was Bobby’s favorite…

                           Oh!  Don’t forget the cheese! It’s not mandatory, or anything, but to me, an omelette without cheese is like a Corvair without a fan belt! And that, is a serious matter! Trust me. There’s a story that’s just too long to go into, around that. But, shredded cheese like cheddar, or monterey jack or a combination of any that you like, really add a special texture and OOMPH to the dish.


                            OK, once you’ve done your slicing and dicing, it’s time to start a little cooking! 🙂  Here’s where the aromas start to overwhelm your senses, and it’s hard not to snack on SOMETHING before the danged thing is cooked.  But, stay calm and put the diced onions and peppers into a small sauce pan, add a little pinot grigio… uh… OK, if you don’t have any white wine, just add some butter. Unsalted butter. The REAL deal:P

                             The trick here is to saute the veggies until they soften and the onions become translucent. I love this part!  It takes a while, so this is when I take an English muffin out of the freezer, defrost it in the microwave for about 25 seconds and get ready to toast it in my toaster oven. Don’t toast it yet, tho!!  It’s all about timing!  —  The goal is to have everything piping hot when you sit down to eat, or place the masterpiece in front of your beloved. The ear to ear grin will make it all worthwhile…

                             So, while the harder veggies are cooking and the coffee is brewing, crack open a few (or more lol) eggs into some sort of bowl or mixing container. I like to use a Pyrex 2 cup measuring container, because it’s deep enough and it pours easily when it’s time.  Oh, and while you’re at it, add a few tablespoons of cold water to the eggs. Yup! I said water! — It’ll turn to steam as the omelette cooks and make the omelette more fluffy, if you will.

                            About this time, Bobby would have had his chin on my shoulder, doing his best impression of a hungry puppy, so if you step back, watch out for the bare toes! 🙂


                                  With the veggies now getting close to perfect, it’s time to start heating the large fry pan. I use a ceramic lined pan, which is very good as a non-stick surface, but not as good as a teflon pan, so add some butter to the pan if need be. What the heck. In for a penny, in for a pound!  Might as well enjoy yourself!

                               It’s about now that I add the extra ingredients to the sauteed veggies- the meat and the tomatoes.  If you add them too early, they can overcook and you’ll wish you hadn’t. lol Might as well add the shredded cheese to the beaten eggs now as well. I like to add the cheese before I pour the eggs into the fry pan so that it’s incorporated into the mixture and not sitting on top, but if you like to see it atop the final product, that works too, or you can do both and temp the heart attack Gods to teach you a lesson 😛 Just kidding…. You don’t eat like this every day, right?!


                               OK!  Don’t overcook the add ins!  Transfer them to the sizzling fry pan now, spread them around, and then pour in the egg mixture. Looking at this picture, I can see where I didn’t mix the eggs enough, because there’s a small area of whites starting to solidify. Oh well… Very few things in life are perfect, except a baby’s smile and the love of a mother…

                           Alright. At this point, shoo all ‘unwanted’ guests out of the kitchen with a peck on the neck and a kick in the butt, and put a lid on it. The omelette, of course!  Just for a minute or two, if it’s as large as this one. It’ll help to cook the top part, because you’re gonna have a heck of a time trying to flip it, if you try, altho a large dish helps… Today, I was cooking for myself, so I got lazy, and just put a pan lid over the top instead of trying the flip technique… Now you’d better put that muffin in the toaster oven if it’s gonna be ready in time, and then get a nice plate out of the cupboard to put the masterpiece on. Something oblong works well.


                   OK, you can see that I like my butter! Actually, it’s about the only thing I use butter on, except to saute things occasionally. For most people, a little dab’ll do you!

                     So now I’m feeling guilty all over again… Eating these kinds of meals should be fun! Shared with the ones you love, whether you’re gay or straight. Without guilt or fear. Bobby would have told you that…

                      I DID enjoy it, at the time. The omelette on the nice dish, the perfectly blended coffee (buckskin color, like all my Godchildren know and laugh hysterically about), and even the glass of grapefruit juice, that is a holdover from my years living in the Sunshine State. BTW, if you’re feeling guilty about eating this large a meal, the grapefruit juice does help, in ways I won’t go into right now:P

                           I’m sure a certain boy is smiling and laughing right now. Forever young, but always in my heart. Every day….

love to all, tman