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 Dearest Readers,

                 The final rush is over, and I’m sitting here, letting the quiet of the old farmhouse wash over me… So many melancholic thoughts have ricocheted through my head this year, I’m surprised I can find this moment of peace. But, even in that chaos, there has always been a glimmer. A ray of light beckoning me foward. Reminding me that I am on a Path, and that it is not mine to know every reason or outcome. That my journey has never been easy, but that my Faith has always sustained me.

                 And so it will, as I stiffen my resolve and once more serve the Light to the best of my ability.

                I am reminded,  that in my darkest hours, I have been continually blessed by the love I still have, all around me. It humbles me to feel that joy and shames me to have doubted that He is beside me…

                 The past few weeks have tested my faith once again, as I scratched and clawed my way to the ‘finish line’, in a superhuman attempt to complete impossible tasks before the holidays and a medical procedure force me into hibernation for a while. Everything was going reasonably well, until December 14th,  when the shattering news from Newtown tore my heart from my chest, leaving me wondering what had become of us… I can no longer see a youngster without flinching. Wondering if they’ve been told about the incomprehensible… the evil that has reached even the most innocent amongst us. That has muted the joy that I have tried so desperately to find these past months.

                 Now, a light winter snow has fallen, and brought a smile to my face … If the memory of those tiny fallen angels is to be honored, we all have a duty to move foward, and  make the changes that have been neglected for far too long. 

                 So, on this Christmas day in the year 2012, I resolve that I will push aside the failures of the past and the sadness they have wreaked upon me, and focus my efforts in a positive way– to live in the Light and lead by example… We all must do our best now. History beckons us. Those little lives demand our devotion to a cause bigger than our own petty tribulations.

                 I ask that you all make this journey with me. There is no room for failure if our children are to live the lives they are entitled to. 

                 I wish you all the love and peace that this holy day represents. Hold your little angels close and make them feel safe. Cherish them and lead them to a better way of life…

                  Merry Christmas! I love you all!


p.s. Wonderful to hear from you after all this time, David! I hope your Christmas is joyful and that you, your brother and the rest of your family, including your darling little ‘creatures‘, are all safe and healthy! Feliz Navidad, sweetie!