Dear Readers,

            As we remember the men and woman who have served this country and protect this nation at the cost of life and limb, I send this heartfelt prayer out to you, in the hope that it serves to bind us together. One nation, one flag… Under which, every minority has served despite the sacrifice asked. We owe all of them a payment that will never be made. That is impossible to make…

            Lord, on this day of remembrance, let us sit down and break the bread of  communion, and contemplate the path foward.

             A nation of diverse, but loving people, asks for Your blessing, as it struggles to understand its role in a changing world. Our men and women in uniform represent us on every rocky outcropping  of that tumultuous terrain, and so we pray that our pursuit of higher ideals will arm them with the sword of Truth and propel this nation down the path of enlightenment. Today let us remember those who gave every bit of their effort and no longer walk amongst us. To them we owe our devotion to this higher calling. We are united and at our best when the blood of their sacrifice nurtures the tree of freedom for EVERYONE.  

            Black, white, hispanic, asian, gay or straight. Our veins carry their blood. Our hearts cry out for freedom and justice so that our children will harvest the fruit of that sacrifice and make this world a better place. Together, we will find our way, with Your help. Amen.