Dear Readers,

                 I thought I should alert y’all to the latest posting. — The most recent remembrance of ‘The Farewell’ series…

                  Because of my incompetence (and big fingers) , I mistakingly posted a partial draft of this remembrance on New Year’s Eve, as I was writing and listening to fireworks in the distance. I pulled the post, once a friend alerted me, and thought nothing of it. Well, except a little embarrassment, to be sure!

                    Anyways, I have now posted the finished version, but because of my original mistake, and my obvious short- comings with this ‘tech’ stuff,  the completed post appeared underneath(before) the last post I published on New Year’s Day… {sigh} Check it out!

                    I wasn’t going to say anything… To be honest, I feel kind of foolish, and had hoped that the regular followers would somehow notice my mistake and be able to read the remembrance anyways. But, it appears that has not been the case, to some degree, and a regular reader (Brian) advised me to do something to make it more visible. So, here we are… 🙂

                     I apologize once again for my incompetence. I was going to delete the post and try to publish it again, but I was afraid it would vanish into the ether, like one that I posted on Blogger a few years ago.

                    So, I hope this satisfies the blog Gods and everything is now right in the world! At least, with all of you!

my love to all, tman