Dearest Reader,

             I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all of you who take the time to read my meandering remembrances and wish you all a healthy and blessed New Year!!

            To be perfectly honest, I won’t miss 2011… I would NOT have done too much differently, but as things worked out for me personally, it was a very difficult year emotionally. I have struggled mightily to understand my role on this new Path, and there have been continual headwinds, some that built from a direction I never would have imagined.

             But, such is the nature of living!  The man who thinks he has the mysteries of life under rein is either deluded or a fool, in my opinion! 🙂

              So, the Path has turned, but with the support of loving people that mean the world to me, I will prevail in living my life in a faithful and compassionate way. I have reminded myself during the construction of the latest remembrance, that I have always been an instrument, and that some day the veil will be lifted. Until then, I am blessed to be amongst you, and will do my best to weather this tumultuous time!

                I will also try NOT to let my pain infect the lives of those that mean so much to me. My new family.

                I include all of you in that circle!!

love to all, and of course, Happy New Year!!!   tman

p.s.  I inadvertently published part of a draft of my latest remembrance last night… I’m sorry for that! lol  Somehow, I tapped the wrong key with one of my big fingers! The remembrance is not complete, but I hope to publish it soon… 🙂