I would like to take this opportunity to send my heartfelt love out to the many readers and friends I have been so blessed with these past years.


           There are some in my life outside the ether, that still have no idea that I publish a blog or have attempted to document my life in this way. I suspect that some of them would find this silly… That is why I have not shared it with them, and probably never will.

             Once, I had planned, as part of an overall strategy, to share these remembrances and thoughts with most of my immediate family once I came out to them, but it is becoming apparent to me that sometimes expectations are best left in my hope chest, along with the notion that we live in a completely enlightened world. I have lived these last 47 years, waiting for that day of enlightenment.

                Still, over these past decades since I came to understand, I have seen a tidal change in the laws and even the attitudes surrounding me. It is heartening to know that someday, every child will be born without the bonds of injustice and intolerance that I and most of my counterparts have struggled against our entire lives. There was a time when all of this seemed impossible.

                For that, I am grateful, and feel blessed.

                Even if it didn’t happen for me, at least it will for the millions of youngsters who will be our legacy.

                To the younger readers, I send this message– NEVER give up, NEVER give in! The fight continues, and I pray that your strength and youth will see this battle through to the end!!

                Of THIS I am certain- The child who’s birth some of us celebrate today, came into this world to show us His Father’s unconditional love. Those of us who live righteous lives, and struggle against injustice will someday be rewarded. We should never forget that this struggle is eternal and that the stakes are high.

                 I should also note that I have been unable to reach certain friends who I think about and frequently pray for… They live in diverse parts of the globe, but I have always felt as tho they were my family. God bless you all… I hope you are all safe, and if you read this, take the time to reach out. I will never forget you, no matter what transpires…

                And with that, I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas! May God bless you and your loved ones with health and prosperity in the coming year… I love you all!!  tman