I would like to take this opportunity to send my love and well wishes to all of my readers and friends in the ether.

           There are many overseas who may be unaware that in the ‘States’ today we celebrate the secular holiday we call ‘Thanksgiving’. It is an interesting holiday here. One based loosely on a romanticized version of a feast long ago, whose participants sealed the bonds of friendship over the gathered bounty of the ‘New World’, a puzzling moniker, at least for me as a child, but I guess that wouldn’t surprise most of you, who have read my rambling stories these past years. I was, and always will be skeptical of all things ‘traditional’, in as much as they relate to the ‘common good’.

          Nonetheless, here we are!! Today represents the opportunity for many of us to unite with family or friends if we are so blessed, and to share both the bounty and the fellowship of this annual feast. And, if we take the occasion seriously, it may become something even more. Perhaps a day of contemplation as well.

          The chance to step back and ponder the Grace that has brought us together and to which we might be grateful. In that way, the secular morphs into something more divine. At least for me…

          I guess the reasons I decided to do a post today are  more poignant for me because of the tumultuous changes in my life this past year. This will be the first Thanksgiving of my life going foward, which is dedicated to a full honesty and sharing of things and feelings that in years past, were part of a hidden life. One that was shared with very few. I have started a journey that will take me on the final leg of a path that started with the cautious first steps of a blond haired child and has navigated through the hills and valleys of a mostly courageous life. I have made the ‘final’ adjustments and have taken the first, tentative steps towards that final goal- a life without fear and shame.

         It would be dishonest to say that this has happened without pain or the ‘collateral damage’ that sometimes arise from good intentions. But on this happy day, I can honestly say that I am blessed. No man with friends is luckier than me!

           For that, I am grateful.

          Thank you all for sharing this past year with me! I love you all!


            P.S. The turkey was DELICIOUS!!