In my life, there have been moments of revelation that shatter the shell of self- absorption and the constant struggle against the forces that have tried to silence me and to which I have given a name. ‘The Others’.

         Today, this morning in fact, was one of those moments, and I must admit to a degree of embarrassment, and confusion, but much more importantly, the feeling that I have been far too self- absorbed in my own dilemmas and in that caldron, have completely lost track of the story of another amongst us who has spoken in the most heart- wrenching prose about life and loss in a way that breaks my heart.

          I feel ashamed to admit that this wonderful and wrenching story has been unfolding in my absence and I have been too distracted to really notice. I had noticed the references in his comments but I allowed them to swirl into the ether, where a LOT of important things in my life seem to be waiting.

         What got my attention this morning, was a reply to a comment that I made on my last post. When it came in, I was typing away, deep in thought, trying to answer another comment from a guy I lovingly call ‘Nat’ now, because for the life of me, I CANNOT spell his avatar without cursing under my breath! 😛

         I finished typing,  posted my reply, and then checked the newly arrived comment. It was from ‘Adrian’. Someone who used to go by the avatar ‘Adon’.  On seeing his comment on my last post, I had noticed the new moniker and stupidly assumed things I should not have.- That led to a cascade of events, and I found myself at his blog, trying to understand how I could have lost track of things to the point where I hadn’t even noticed what had been happening in the small community that had become so important to me.

        And now, I urge ALL of you who read this to visit his blog and to read the words for yourself. The writings that speak to the angst of our generation but transcend time and place and cut to the quick in a way that only truth can do…

       Here’s the link. I hope this posts in the right format… I am, after all, ‘tech challenged’, as you all know… ;P


         Gah!!  I can’t seem to make the link work in this WordPress format!! Well, this is the URL anyways, and the workable link (if anyone’s too lazy to copy and paste) is in my favorite blogs at the bottom of the blog!  Please take the time to visit there. Adrian has a lot to share about his life as a gay man trying to navigate his way through life, war,  and the memories that make us who we are… I only wish I had been paying more attention.

          I should also note that there are other bloggers who are doing their very best to share their stories as well, and have added to the wonderful mosaic of our community with their stories and pictures and the love they show to all of us on a daily basis. There are too many to mention but some of my favorites are listed there as well.

          There are some who have closed their blogs, but I haven’t the heart to delete their links. I have hoped that they’ll return some day. I know it’s kind of sentimental, but that’s the way I’ve always been.

          I won’t let the Others take that away from me…