There are times in my life when I feel affirmed, as tho life has bent the rays of Hope and I find myself in the Light, if only for a brief moment.

                It happens often without fanfare, and catches me off guard in a sense, but such is the nature of life. The mystery and the reward of staying in the mix, and always doing your best, despite the rollercoaster that can make one lose sight of some of its most important strategies- consistency and passion.

                  I note this, because there is a definite pattern that I have seen, throughout my life.

               My readers will know that I have lived ‘in the mix’ my entire life, and have experienced things that no child should ever know, but have also been reborn in the gentle waters of forgiveness, and have learned at an early age, that we are ALL deserving of love. I have tried to advise others, especially the younger kids in my life, that it is a good way to live. That moving foward and believing in yourself, even when Others try to weaken your resolve, is the Path to fulfillment…

                  Sometimes, I worry that this fundamental Truth will be lost on the new generation, but tonight, I have to say, my faith has been restored.  And it came in the form of an email, from across the Great Pond. The affirmation that although the struggle can be brutal and at times unforgiving, He is always with us, and there is always hope… and Love, for each and every one of us.

                 And now, I am left with only tears of Joy for the handsome  and talented young poet who SO deserves this reward, after the love that he has extended to others and the courage he has shown throughout a most tumultuous year… I couldn’t be prouder of him and happier FOR him!!

                 Congratulations, Davie!

Bask in the glow! ❤  love & hugs, tman