Tonight I pray that the sacrifice of the innocents will be remembered in the humble  prayers of all Americans and that the rest of the world will join us, hand in hand, in solemn thanksgiving that the dragon has been defeated.

                    I also pray that all of us remember that on that awful day in September, human beings of every creed and ethnicity perished in the flames and cascading steel of those fatally wounded towers as the world watched.

                   I fear that in the jubilation and flag- waving that is to come, the memory of that day will be distorted in ways that marginalize people who are as deserving of mercy as all who left us that day.

                  Let us never forget the lessons of history or the sacrifice that made this country strong. God Bless our soldiers who struck the final blows and protect us as we sleep. God Bless the differences that make this country the beacon to the world.

                  But most of all, give us wisdom Lord, so that we shall never suffer this brutality again.