Dearest Reader…

                          I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy and blessed Easter to all of those who celebrate this most sacred of Christian holidays. As the years rush by, and our memories fade to blurred images and the melancholy of ‘what might have been’s ‘ …. I hope that you find  comfort like I do in the heartfelt hugs and non- judgmental love of the newest amongst us who look to all of us for guidance and protection…  I feel  privileged to have been part of this enduring mystery and hope that all of you feel His love in ways that push aside any melancholy and redeem your spirit.


                       For every sadness there is joy and in every life there is love … if we choose it over despair and regret. Be strong and go foward, always leading with honor and courage…NEVER  forgetting-  He died for us, that we might LIVE.


                                          I love you all…    tman