Gentle readers,

I beg your indulgence while some editing and other changes are made to the blog… I have removed some posts that were uploaded from my old blog, but that I didn’t have a chance to edit. In fact, because the format is different here at WordPress, and I am feeling my way around, it took me till now to understand how to move a published post back to draft status, where I could make the necessary changes, like the re-insertion of pictures that were lost when the old blog was nuked…

I’m sorry that you will not be able to view the last, major remembrance that was titled, ‘The Trap’, until I can find the time to edit it properly.

Originally, each remembrance had a meticulously selected set of pictures inserted that I thought added to the story, giving the reader a visual depiction of Matty’s journey and breaking up the bland nature of a text-only story, since some of my visitors are more visually oriented than others but also because I so carefully selected each picture out of tens of thousands that I found, trawling the vast net… I can’t tell you how devastated I was when I realized that my efforts to save both the text and those hard- to- find pictures was but a half measure.

When I tried to retrieve the pictures in my Picasa account, I was denied access, just like in the rest of my accounts and I felt like the little boy in this picture… Six years old again, and needing the comfort of a teddy bear.

I kid you not.

Somewhere in my computer or in the vast ether, the pictures still exist… I have found a handful already and  have begun the massive work involved in the reconstruction of each remembrance. I’ll start with the current one that was never finished, and  try my best to make it whole again. I only wish the winter was just starting, for this singular reason– as the building season goes into full gear, I have less time to spend on this endeavor, and this will also steal time from my writing.

I apologize in advance, but it is important enough that I feel compelled to proceed in this manner. For the time being, I will leave most of the old posts intact even tho they look skeletal to me, and it breaks my heart to see them in this condition, but at least you now know why…

love to all,