I like this picture… I hope that doesn’t make me evil or perverted… Dammit!  I REALLY like this picture!!

You see, it reminds me of the child I was some 45 years ago… I didn’t have a wicker chair like the one depicted… We had a similarly shaped one, that was made out of steel, and repainted several times… Last time I saw it, pop had painted it a bright blue, with a Rustoleum product. He wirebrushed it and after moving it around a few times, probably said, ‘The hell with it’, and just started to lay the paint on… As thick as it would go.

I think there were insects trapped in that layer, along with anything else unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity at the time. I only mention this because I made the mistake of sitting in that heavy blue trap, 3 days after he finished painting it. I got stuck there, literally. Never did wear that shirt again. The pants were work pants, so like my dad, I probably said, ‘What the hell’, and wore them until they could be worn no more.

It’s funny how my mind works, no?  I think I’m a bit of an oddity, that way. I remember things. Strange things. Unusual things. Funny things…. Cruel things.  I’m not sure why, either. I have never really understood if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It just is.

Like my life.

But, back to the picture…. That could easily be me, at about 8 years of age. Reading. One of my favorite things!  I had the same shirt and even the same shoes. Of course, I wouldn’t have worn the shoes outside too much. Mostly to church in the summer, and then school in the fall. They needed to last. Then, when I outgrew them , it was my brother’s turn to feel the chaffing of the leather collar on his ankle.

I liked sneakers much better… In those days, they could be washed. They never really came out as clean as the day they were ‘born’, but that’s where sneaker white came into play. Covered the sins of the past, or so I thought…I wore my tattered  Converses, covered in sneaker ‘white’ for that 1st day of employment in the summer of my seventh year. Long time ago.

God, how my mind works!  That, brings back a flood of memories… some good, some… well… horrible.

Sneakers, carnivals, cookouts, playing with friends, the attack in the swamp.

Strange how my mind works.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention– the cat is identical to one I had at that age. His name was white shoes….

❤ tman

Editor’s note: Dearest readers, the link to my 100th post will be under this note… It was on my last blog for only a matter of 10 hours before Blogger decided to nuke it… It’s not controversial, or anything… well, lol  maybe to some… who the heck knows anymore, but I did want to make it available to the people who never saw it, so…..

Thanks again for all the kind notes and support!!  love, Tony<3


Update on April 3rd… after some extra manipulating, I established  a new Google account using my same name and profile picture… I also established a new Youtube channel to which I uploaded my 100th post/video that most people never saw. If you want to view it, here’s the link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpgm4VjUMdA

I’m not crazy about the idea of setting up a new Google account, but it makes my commenting on the blogs I’ve followed a LOT easier, so I held my nose and did it. 😦  Actually, it makes me a bit ill, tbh…