Dear Readers,
I beg your indulgence once more, to consider something that we have talked about in the recent past, and is once again, coming to the fore, in yet another example of the putrid intolerance that still lives in the shadows and hallways of the society and the schools that are entrusted with the safety of our children, both gay and straight.
Months ago, I introduced you to a fine young man, a poet by nature, who heralds from a place where great warriors fought for supremacy and the right to be free. They fought so that their children and families could live bountiful and happy lives, in villages and enclaves scattered through the green, rolling hills of that wonderful place… The Emerald Isle-  a place also known as Ireland.
He came to the blogosphere, a wounded but unbent warrior, seeking sustenance and hope, as he battled the intolerance of rude and abusive classmates and a system more interested in hiding the truth than explaining it.  He has fought mightily for his right to be educated and judged by ‘the content of his character’ and not by his honest feelings for who he loves. It has been a constant struggle and I couldn’t be prouder of him! He has endured, and pushed back, and gained acceptance, but still, there are those who would rather he didn’t exist, in their tidy little world where the rights and feelings of others are subservient to theirs… They are the bloodsuckers of society, living on the lifeblood of innocent and weaker individuals around them, and even in the face of all that is certain, refuse to cease their hateful ways– This time, averting their attention to a weaker and younger schoolmate, who has come to this fine young warrior’s attention.
Thank God for that. In my opinion, not a moment too soon! We can ill afford the loss of another innocent child! Davie is counseling this younger classmate, and I pray that he is in time…

Tonight, in a departure from the poetry that he normally posts, he has written a special post… It comes from the fierce heart of the poet- warrior, and I urge you to visit his blog and make your presence known. He has engaged the enemy and needs your support. Hate CAN be defeated! It takes time, and patience, and love, but most of all, heart…  I can’t think of a more frightful opponent than the warrior that Davie has become… I’m sure he will prevail, and turn the tide against those who treat precious life with such disdain.

Davie’s blog is located to the left, in my blog list, under Davie’s Poetry…

Thank you for taking the time to read… luv, tman