Hi folks!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend !  I’m stopping by with a quick post, to thank the people who took the time to leave a comment for DJ, and to leave a link, which I installed to the upper left side of the homepage, to my new tumblr account… I started to create it, last weekend, in an effort to support a young blogger who has his own tumblr and is trying to explore an interest in photography. I’ll install a link to his tumblr in the ‘followed blogs’ as well as at the end of this post.
His name is Peter, and he’s taken some pictures and uploaded them already at his tumblr, and I hope he continues and lets his creative urge loose! lol  It should be fun to see it evolve!
I’ll do my best to make the new blog creative… I’ve always enjoyed photography, but until a few months back, was still shackled by my lack of digital equipment, much like my pre- Macbook days!  I know, I know… I’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the digital age, and now I’m likely getting in, over my head, trying to start another blog!  Well, I have always believed that the only way to live, is to constantly turn the page, and explore the little ‘nooks and crannies’ that life offers, so, I’ll take the leap, and try to lead by example… Hey, who knows, maybe I’ll become the next Ansel Adams or Roman Vishniac!!  lol  Naw!!  But, I believe in doing my best, in whatever I undertake, so, the bar will be set high for me… I only hope I don’t ‘clothesline’ myself on it!! But, if I do, that’s OK, too!! I think that those ‘who dare’ are rewarded in due time, and that living with foward momentum is FAR better than stewing in the inevitable problems we all face. God knows, I’ve fallen many times, but I ALWAYS get up. I think that is it’s own reward and kids like Peter, or DJ, Davie, or Kieren, who always strive for the best, are the leaders of tomorrow…

God continually blesses us this way…

I know a lot of you are wondering how young DJ is doing… I can only say that I’m sure he’s stopping by to check out the blog occasionally and is likely very busy with the transitions in his life, and the burden of adjustment to those changes… I email him to let him know that he’s not forgotten and pray every night, that he’s safe and happy, as he deserves to be. Kid, if you read this, I’m also sending a HUGE hug along!! lol  I hope you feel the warmth from that and it doesn’t hurt any ribs… lol  I kind of get out of control with my bear hugs at times!
Oh!!  The picture of the waterfall in winter, here, is the waterfall that I talk about occasionally in my remembrances… It was a landmark in my childhood and used to be one of those places that all the kids would use to ‘meet’, at one point or another on a hot summer day. You kind of had to be careful about who you ran into there, especially if there was some kind of misunderstanding brewing… lol  It was easy to ‘ambush’ someone there during my childhood!! The winter picture is new… As a kid, the area was much wilder and overgrown. In fact, LOTS of poison ivy grew in abundance in the shade of the overhanging elms and oaks and the bridge itself was nothing like the steel framed contraption depicted here– It was much cruder and dangerous in those days… Missing planks and a rotted superstructure was the ‘order of the day’! lol  Now, it all ‘perty’, more or less, much to my consternation… 😛  I mean, how’s a guy supposed to answer a ‘call of nature’ from the upper rocks of the falls, if everyone is jogging thru, all the time??

Oh well… life goes on- progress and all.

I’ll wrap it up then. Visit Peter’s tumblr- ‘Checkered Scene’, using the link at the end of this post, or the installed link in the ‘followed blogs’ area, and show him some love!!
DJ, we love you, little guy!! Oh, and all you guys, especially the young guys– there’s still time to leave a little something in the way of a comment, on that send- off post for him!!
If y’all get the chance, check out my tumblr… It might give you a little more… umm.. insight  lol  into the guy they call ‘tman’…..

I love you all….

Peter’s tumblr——–  http://checkeredscene.tumblr.com/