The boy breathed a sigh of relief… He studied the slender fingers and the pale skin, but there was no change. It had been that way since he came here, and tho the ache in his heart would not leave, he took solace in the Grace that had brought him here, and the joy within that sorrow.

These were the things he believed, that time and pain had emblazoned on his heart, for here, in the Land of Acedia, time stood still, and that in itself was enough.

So, he took the childlike fingers and wiped away the tears that filled his deep blue eyes, and bowed his head.

Both hands were now like one as he whispered the Words, like he had done for eight lustrum.

‘Lord, show me the way, for I am lost… Help me to see, dear Father, the passage from this Land, when the time is at hand. Give me Voice, so that I may speak, with the Words that You have taught me, so that the Others cannot pierce my heart with a mortal blade. Make my sword sharp and my aim true, so that the Words fall like a gentle rain into the rivers that nourish this barren place.’

And so he prayed…

I beg your indulgence, dear readers, while I look to matters of the heart, and try to recover the joy that I once felt, sharing these remembrances that have given you all a little window into the corners of my soul…  Thank you for visiting, and for your love…

love, tman