Dear God,

The world can be a difficult place, especially for a kid. Now, I know that we talked about this a long time ago, when I sat on that hill and asked for forgiveness… I learned that night about the power of love and family, and understood that someday the veil would be lifted and my eyes would be opened, so please forgive this thought… It is not meant to question the reasons as much as it is to ask for Your help.
This year has been hard for us…  Many young angels have been called back to Your loving hands…  We, who are left behind try desperately to make sense of this and find comfort in the belief that there is some good to come… some reason to hope. That the rose will bloom, even in the harshness of the late Spring snow…
Two of the angels who left this world and are sharing eternity with You, call out to us to make a difference so that their passing will help another innocent child to feel the love that the world so cruelly took from them. Their families have heard, and ask for Your guidance and love, so that this will come to pass.
Today, Lord, as we approach the holy day of Christmas, there are many children that still suffer from the binding chains of poverty… They have come into this world innocent and deserving of our love. It is of no consequence the color of their skin or  how they find themselves in the grip of poverty. It is enough that they are Your children, like Larry and Jason… Please help us continue the selfless tradition that came from the loving heart of an 11 year old boy. Let the purity of his sacrifice open our eyes and fill us with hope and joy. Let him live in the joyful eyes of a little boy or girl on Christmas Day…

love, Tony
P.S.  Merry Christmas, Larry…

Dear Readers,

Today, a fine young man contacted me, asking for my help on a matter dear to his heart… His name is Paul, and, some of you are familiar with his story, and the tragedy that he has coped with for the last year.
Sometimes, words are inadequate to describe the awful evil in this world, and the terrible tragedies that come from these acts of cruelty, and are sometimes visited upon the most innocent and vulnerable amongst us. Our children.
Such was the case with the horrors that this young man has been forced to confront– the untimely death of someone very close to him, his cousin, Larry.
I can not began to describe the awful details of the horrific abuse that Larry and his best friend, Jason, suffered without spiraling into a severe depression. It is literally too difficult for me to discuss right now, but, I urge you to continue reading, because I am hoping, like Paul, that the loss of these two innocent boys will not be forgotten– instead, I hope that the example set  by an 11 year old Larry, will resonate with all of you, and help you to open your hearts to the poor and needy amongst us during this wonderful time of year…
Please, visit Larry’s original blog, which Paul has maintained, and read about Paul’s idea to honor our fallen soldiers… When he told me about his idea, it brought tears to my eyes. I know you will feel the same way!!  I highlighted it in blue….
Here’s the link—

Thank you so much for helping…  Please open your hearts and share your joy!! You won’t be sorry, I promise!!     love, tman



I am so excited about the recent development, I had to share it with all of you!!  I received an email from Brian, who comments on this blog and Paul’s as well, and it just floored me!! Out of the love in his heart, he has already taken up the cause and put his precious retirement income to work!  My tears are now tears of joy, and, I find myself hoping that the wonderful message this sends will inspire others to join the battle and make the improbable nothing but a worn out word… If we try, this can and will happen!!



Brian took a few pictures, and, I’m going to post them… Thank you SO much for helping drive the message home, sir!!  love, Tony

———–Update on Gifts from Larry———–
Dear  Readers, I just received a very nice picture from Brian, who, as you know from reading the post above, has already purchased, and now donated the toys he bought in honor of Larry, who was taken from us in such a sad way… This really makes my heart full, and I hope that his wonderful example, triggers an avalanche of similar good will. Thank you, SO much, Brian!! I plan my own sojourn to donate my time to the local food distribution that we do every holiday to the needy families where I live… I welcome all your efforts and any pictures that you take to show your participation in this effort to help the kids and their families who, without your help, may go without during this holy time of year… Please help us, help them… noone asks to be poor or helpless…  We need your help!!   Thank you in advance for anything you can do, whether it is donation of money, food or time that makes a difference for someone less blessed… love, tman