“So, did you fix things at home, Bobby??”

“Yeah, I even got a raise in my allowance…”

 “You never had an allowance. “


  “So,  your mother sill thinks I’m a pervert then…”

  “Well, I wouldn’t go that far… I think she kind of believes what I said, but, she doesn’t really trust you in my bed right now…”

    “Tell her that’s ok, because she doesn’t do laundry like my mom, and she’d NEVER be able to get out the stains after one of our nights together!!”
       Both boys erupted with laughter  at the thought of that scenario playing out, and finished buttoning their shirts and pants. Blankets or not, the treehouse was a bit cold this time of year!!
       Matty folded the dark blue blanket one more time and tucked it under his arm. “So, are we going over to the dairy or not? The guys are all counting on us!!”
       “You kidding?? Course we are!! Screw her if she doesn’t like it… besides, as far as she knows, I’m at the library, doing research for my biology homework…”
        Matty practically choked on his laughter, hearing that!! “What the heck, man!! …. Well,  I guess you weren’t lying completely!! I mean, you’ve been showing me ALL  kinds of things that I never knew the human body could do!!”
        The shorter boy giggled at that…”Yeah, you’re laughing now, but, you were all…Bobby, oh my God, Bobby… don’t stop… no… don’t stop!!  Lower, OOOO!!  My balls, lick my balls..”
        “I WAS not!! “
        “You WAS too!! Not only that, but, you should have seen your face!! Never seen anything like that!! I thought you were going to pass out or something, especially when I got at your…”
        “Shut up!! “, Matty said, laughing. “I was just trying to make you feel good… It didn’t matter to me, one way or the other!!”
         “REALLY!!  OK, next time I won’t go past your hairless balls then…”
         “Well, I didn’t say that you weren’t welcome… uh… I mean… Oh hell, you know what I mean!!”
         “Yeah”, Bobby snickered… “That’s the only thing you said that’s true! You should head straight for confession and Father Bulkley with that stuff…”
          “Leave off, maniac!! You know I don’t like talking about this stuff!! Besides, do you always have to remind me that my balls don’t have any hair on them?? “
           “Just sayin’… I like them that way!! They’re like two  eggs.. smooth and soft that I can work over until you can’t stand it… You know, Bubba… If you ever get captured as a soldier, they better not ever figure out about your balls, or, for that matter, the area just behind them… You’re likely to spill every bit of national secret stuff you have!!”
            “Oh my God,” Matty sighed. “I’ve created a monster…Just call me Dr, Frankenstein… I’m surprised the whole world doesn’t know about my nuts!! Especially with your big mouth!!”
            “You liked my big mouth a few minutes ago!!  Hey, put that blanket back down… I gotta show you something else…”

             “No way!!  Get out of here… We gotta get over to the barn…”
             Bobby just stood there, licking his lips and staring at Matty’s crotch and then, motioning with his eyes and head, towards the other blanket, still in place on the treehouse floor. Matty stood his ground, unfazed until the shorter boy in the white corduroys snatched the blue blanket out from under his arm and spun the lanky blond boy around by the arm…
             Soon, it was a free- for- all, and the two friends were engaged in a strange sort of ‘mortal’ combat, a game where the only rule was love at all costs, until the next time, and that could be just a short time away…

             It was noon before the two lovers were spent and ready to leave the quiet woods. Matty looked at his best friend as they dressed for the second time. “I think I liked that even better,” he said softly, his face blushing.
             “Yeah, I know, Koles… I never saw you squirt so high before!! Check me over… I don’t have any in my hair, do I?”
             Matty reddened even more. “I don’t see any… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”
             “Oh, for God’s sake!! I was joking!! … I liked it too, OK? ” Bobby laughed again. “You always did take certain things too seriously. Come on, why don’t we stow the blankets here. We can come back, after the game, and, pick them up, or whatever…”
             Matty took one look at Bobby’s face and groaned, “Oh my God… It’s never enough for you, is it?”
             Bobby just smiled. “Nope.”

             The two teenaged boys left the sanctuary of the still woods, and worked their way through the open fields, towards the northern reaches of the old farm and the two farmhouses that sat amongst the barren maple trees on it’s outer borders. As they reached the dirt road leading back towards the dairy, the excited voices of the other boys, reverberated through the various outbuildings near the dairy. Soon, the small field with the sheep groomed lawn, appeared behind the second house. It was an area sanctioned by the gentleman farmer for the very combat that was about to take place… At this time of year, a pickup football game. ‘Touch’ football, as the boys coined it, but, in reality, mortal combat for the right to wear the crown of the toughest dirt football team in town.

             You see, the only football sanctioned by the owner was of the ‘soft core’ version– Each team was supposed to wear flags or similar articles under their belts, or attached in some other non- permanent way, so that, in the course of the action… a tackle specifically, the opposing team member could snatch the flag from the ball carrier, effectively ending the play at that point.
             The purpose of this was simple. With the play ending the moment the flag was ‘captured’, there was no need to physically restrain or tackle the opponent carrying the ball. No need at all….

             There were only two reasons that this type of football devolved into mortal combat.

              1. Nobody ever remembered to bring the ‘flags’.
              2. Teenage boys like to tackle each other and prove their dominance.

             The end result was always the same… Each game, in reality became a very dangerous type of tackle football.  In the boys’ minds, it was all very safe. Helmets and pads were for ‘sissies’ and besides, 14 and 15 and 16 year old boys knew how to exercise restraint.

                          Oh Boy…..

              “Hey Matty, Bobby!! We’ve been waiting for you!! Much longer and we were going to come looking!!  Where y’all been? Jerkin’ off, or something??”
              The 8 boys on the field exploded with laughter at that remark…
              “Yeah”, shouted Bobby… “We were jerking off, thinking about your mama!!”
              For some unknown reason, that was the proper response to such an allegation… Matty just glanced at his best friend as Bobby winked at him. They proceeded to the field of play and met anew, the kids that were to go to battle that day. It had been agreed that this game would be the final one of the year. The championship  game of a season that was coming to an end, mostly because the ground was starting to freeze in areas that never thawed until the late afternoon, if at all…
              The teams had been formed in the late summer, as the baseball season wound down, and the focus turned to the fall sports. Today, the last two teams standing were ready for the showdown.
               The boys separated into the 2 groups- five members on each team. Ironically, two of the opposing players were brothers. Well, half brothers, to be precise. In sports, as in life, they chose opposite sides of each conflict. Matty never understood this concept, because he would not have considered this approach with his own brothers. Of course, neither was old enough to participate in this type of brutal warfare at this point, anyways….

              Matty gathered the 4 boys together… With his height and throwing ability, he had been chosen as quarterback at the very beginning. “OK guys… This is it… We’re going to have to be tough like never before!! These guys want blood… You can see it in their eyes!! We’re going to use it against them!! They’ll be trying to blitz, every time they can, as long as they have some coverage down field… That’s going to leave them short, unless they get to me before I get the pass off, or, if we put some short screens into use, once they commit… “
              “Whatta ya mean, Matty?” whined Tyler, a dark haired stout boy that worked on the crew during the summer months. “What’s a screen again?”
             Matty sighed, “Every game we have to go over this again!! Listen Ty, just block the guys I tell you to, especially that big guy, Seth!! I’ll do the rest… If they flush me out of the pocket, I’ll hold on as long as I can, until they’re right on top of me, before I dump the ball off. Just concentrate on the guys I tell you to- the longer I have, the more options I’ll have, including the ‘sneak’… I’m going to save that for a big play tho, if I can commit their safety to defend one side of the field. If I can get into the open, I know I can either outrun him or juke him so bad, he’ll never stop me!! If not me, one of you guys should be open.”
            “Safety?  Who’s the safety?…. ” Tyler looked at Matty and then the other boys, with a face as confused as ever.
             It is times like this in life, that a teenage boy perfects the art of eye rolling. This day it was four against one…

            So, the battle began.

            More like a war, hand to hand, casualties, blood… even ambulances, by the time it was done…

            One for the ages…. They NEVER would have believed we were gay.

     Continued in Part 6…