The heavens  weep and the angels frown,  for on this day in a faraway town, a little boy with sparkling eyes , has closed them now…….                one final time.

      My heart recoils, the blade is red , a sword of hate, an angel’s fate….

              My God! my God!! why him, not me?                                                                                                                 
                    He was too young, so gentle… now free,

                            from  cutting words and loveless things,                                                                           
                     He comes to You on gossamer wings.

               Sweet boy, sweet child, my heart defiled,                                                                                
                     Your gentle smile, your laugh…. beguiled.

   Dear Lord, welcome into your kingdom, the lamb that we could not protect, and forgive our hateful ways,  that took the last breath of an innocent child that you left in our care… His only ‘sin’ was the way he loved, and, we pray that his passing will mean life and redemption for the rest of your precious children…He left this world a better place…. we are less, now.          tman<3<3<3