Dear readers….
             I have only done this a handful of times, since I started this blog…. I rarely take the time to editorialize… Instead, I mostly let my feelings be known in the remembrances that I publish… It is the venue that I am most comfortable with, and, makes me feel most fulfilled….

           There ARE,  however, exceptions…….

Today, is one of those….

           Today, dear reader, I am compelled to alert you to the story of a very special young man, that has touched my heart, with his courage and honesty… He is a most sincere, and, loving young man who heralds from a wonderful place, far across the ‘Great Pond’ , in a land of green, rolling, meadows and bogs… I feel privileged to have met this young man, a poet by nature, and, now, by the power that I wield as mighty overseer of this blog…lol… my newest  honorary ‘chipmunk’!!
        This is not an honor that I bestow randomly or often, but, deservedly.  There are only a handful of chipmunks, and, they know who they are… Kieren, DJ, Gabe, Peter, Kay, David Andrew…. take a bow, boys!!  And, now, please welcome Davie!!  A boy with extraordinary talent and courage… A young man, that anyone watching would find compelling and thoughtful; a prince amongst princes….

        His story of courage is evolving as we speak… Bullied at school for the simple truth that he has told… The ongoing battle of gay children, all over this world, who have the courage to stand up for who and what they are…

        I am proud, beyond belief, to have met this fine young man, and, to have welcomed him to the ranks of my little army… He will fight the good fight, I have NO doubt… Still, I would like everyone who visits here to take the time, and go to his blog, and read his story, and admire his skill, and, revel in the love and angst that pours from his heart and into the wonderful poems that are his passion!!

       Here is the link that will take you on this wonderful journey–
           or, go to the link at the left side of my blog, under the blogs that I follow… you will not be disappointed!!!

          WELCOME DAVIE!!!!           Love, tman<3<3<3