Mike stepped out from behind the big oak tree, laughing. I smiled when I saw him, and said, “I knew you were around, somewhere!!”  He said “Sure you did, Matty…” and laughed again. I hope he didn’t see me looking for him… Anyways, he came walking over to me with this green duffel bag that was kind of like the one my dad had in the attic, only newer. I asked him what was in it, and he grinned and said, “All my secrets, kid!” He put it down and before I could stop him, he put his head near my waist and picked me up, over his shoulder and we spinned around and around… I dropped my books when he snatched me off the ground, and I said, “Hey Mike, my books!” but he just laughed, and then he smacked me hard on the butt , and said, “You should have run, now you’re my prisoner!!” For a second, I was worried that he was crazy, or something, and then he pinched me on my butt  … I couldn’t stop him… it was SO embarrassing !!

I’ll tell you a secret though, but I hope noone reads this EVER,  because, it is really not something that I should say, but, here goes-  I really liked Mike picking me up like that, and it felt funny in my stomach, like butterflies, but better, that went lower, to between my legs, if you know what I mean! I only felt this way with Bobby before, only this time my pants were still on and… I can’t say the rest! I’m just a chicken! If someone reads this, they will never understand what I felt like, or why my thing got so hard. There, I said it, even though I shouldn’t, but, it happened, OK?

Anyways, Mike put me down slowly (He’s SO strong, it was easy for him!). He looked at me, all over, and said, “Kid, you look like a million bucks!!” I felt my face turn red, my neck, too! I had put my best pair of white corduroys on and my favorite paisley shirt with my football jacket that I liked the best, so that Mike would think I’m not a nerd. He even noticed that I had stole some of my dad’s aftershave and put it all around my neck and even some on my stomach. It smells really nice, even though my friend Petey said I smelled like a perfume factory! He’s stupid, sometimes! He liked it though because he said he never smelled something so strong and nice and he was laughing again!! That made me really happy! I don’t think that he noticed my boner, because I had my hands in front of me…

But, I should tell what happened next, because it’s getting late, and I need to go to bed!! My brother has been sleeping while I write this part, and I don’t want him to see what I’m writing, he’s such a sneak! I caught him, this morning, trying to open this diary with the little key from my sister’s diary, he’s SO dumb! I pushed him onto his bed and tickle tortured him for 10 minutes, till he promised never to try that again, only I don’t believe him.

Well, Mike helped me pick up my books, but I saw that we were standing in some poison ivy vines and told him that I got some on my leg before, and it itches still, so we better get out of there! We did, and Mike asked me how that happened, but I didn’t tell him how stupid I was to go near a tree to pee and forget to watch out for the furry looking vines!! I even got some in my private areas!! I don’t know how THAT  happened! I just said, “I’m not sure.” So, we walked down the hill, to the bottom, and Mike said to me, “You’ll never guess where I stayed last night!” I asked him where, and he told me that Joe got him a room at a cool motel not far from the Center, up on the turnpike. The room had a color TV in it! And, it even had a massage bed thing, like I saw in Washington D.C. last summer, when we all visited the White House. Mike said that I should come and see the room , and maybe we could play some pool at the bowling ally next door! I love pool! My friend Charlie has a pool table in his basement, and I’m not trying to brag, but, we played A LOT, and we both got really good!! Only, my mom would not be happy, if she saw me going up to the turnpike or if I got home too late, so I told Mike that I couldn’t go.

He said, “Why don’t we ask your mom if it’s all right?” Oh no! Mike REALLY doesn’t know my mom! She would NEVER let me go with Mike unless he was a friend for a long time, or something. I told him, and he said, “That’s OK, kid”, but he seemed kind of sad, so I thought and decided that I might know another way…I told him that sometimes, I stay over at Bobby’s house overnight, and mom doesn’t care, as long as I do my chores and don’t eat all the food in Bobby’s refrigerator! If I told my mom that I was staying at Bobby’s, she wouldn’t be worried, so that could be a plan. Mike said, “Are you sure that we shouldn’t tell your mom where you’re really going?” I told him, don’t worry, I’ll go home, and be back in one hour. I have to do some chores, so wait for me at the waterfall and I’ll be back! He said OK, and laughed, so, I hugged him really quick, and ran all the way, back home… Mom was really busy with my baby brother, when I walked in the kitchen door, so I helped her get my brother dressed, after his bath, and asked if it was OK to stay at Bobby’s house tonight… She said, “I don’t know Matty, I’m too busy right now, can’t this wait?” I said that Bobby was waiting down the waterfall for me, and it was getting cold again, so could I please just go? My brother knocked over the juice cup, right then, and mom yelled, “Oh no!” , and I looked at her, and she said, “Just go! I have my hands full here! Why do you always ask these things at the wrong time?” I told her I was sorry, and I ran out the door, before she could change her mind!

     Mike was waiting for me, right where he said he would!! He laughed when he saw me, and said, “Hey little brother, you really should join up when you get older, we could use a guy with your spunk!” I laughed and pushed him on his side and told him that someday, maybe I’d be a general and he would have to salute me!! Well, we laughed and pushed and even wrestled. Mike was way too strong for me though, and I found out that he lifted weights and with all the running and special training he got, he was in the best shape of his life, so far! He even gave me a piggy back ride for a while, and I had his duffel bag over my shoulder, so, he really was carrying a lot!! We talked all the way to the motel on the turnpike where Mike had his room, only some of it I don’t remember, because I felt my right leg and my right arm start to itch, and it kept getting worse! I didn’t tell Mike, because I was afraid that he would want me to go home. But, he finally caught me itching, just when we got near the motel, and he asked me what was going on, and I couldn’t stand it, anymore !! I told him that my leg was starting to make me crazy and my arm too!! He said, “Oh boy, we’d better look at that, and fix you up, or you’ll have to go to the mash”, or something like that, I think… I don’t know what he meant, but, my leg was really itchy!! He pulled out a key from his pocket and opened the door to his motel room. We went inside and Mike closed the door and turned on the lamp near the big bed. He patted the bed, and told me to sit there, while he got his doctor stuff ready… He was laughing, but it wasn’t THAT funny! He came back from the bathroom with a towel and a washcloth and a bucket with water and soap from the sink. He told me to stand up and take my pants off. I didn’t move at first, and started to tell him that it would be all right, but, he shook his head and picked me up, off the bed, under my arms, and said, “Come on now, we’ll get you patched up, but not with your britches on!” It’s a good thing that I had new underpants on, because, before I could say anything else, Mike undid my belt, and zipper, and pulled my pants down to my ankles!  My shorts almost went down with my cords and I had to pull them up fast! Mike laughed and pushed me back down on the bed, and pulled my pants off, all the way. He put my pants on the chair, next to the table, all rolled up, and said, “Those, will need to be washed, before you wear them again!” Then he pulled my shirt over my head, and helped me pull my arms out of the long sleeves. I sat on the edge of the bed only in my BVD’s! I was SO embarrassed!  But, Mike just smiled, and patted my head, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you!” Then, he washed my leg with the water and soap three times! My arm too! It felt SO nice, and warm, and he was so gentle, but strong. I looked at his hair while he was kneeling in front of me, and washing my leg, and I touched it. It was soft and a little fuzzy like, because it was so short. Mike looked up at me, and I said, “Sorry.” He grinned and told me that it was OK that his little brother did that too!  I didn’t know that he had a little brother, for real! It made me a little sad, so I didn’t say anything for a while…

Cont’d in Part 3….