Hey everyone,
              Originally I was planning to post a fun story today about my early childhood, but I’m really a little sad, so I’ll postpone that a day or two, or three… I’ve been visiting many blogs in the past 6 months or so- some are boring, some are edgy, some I find hilarious, and then some just touch my heart in a special way…
             I have followed one such blog for months now; I don’t even really know how I found it….I guess it was just happenstance or actually more like serendipity. It has become the place I go for insight, the place I go to cheer me up, the place I go to find honesty… my own little secret place…And, I never would have imagined it a year ago, before I bought this damned, addictive, crazy, wonderful machine.
           At this secret place I have found a special little kid who has become, in my mind, my 6th godchild and the son that I never had. I am worried that I am losing perspective here. I don’t know how this has happened, except that I let it… I have never met this kid in person, but I feel like I have… Somehow, we have bonded, and now email each other almost daily to trade short greetings, tell funny stories, share personal feelings…I really feel like I know this kid! How is that even possible? In my entire life, I’ve never had these nice feelings about a person that I have never at least talked to in person or hugged or shared an intimate moment with…. So, now, his young guy is hurting, worried about his grandad who has been having a battle with cancer… I sent him an email today to try to comfort him and left a nice comment on his blog posting about the situation… I guess I’m writing about this for two reasons. First, I think everyone that visits his blog will be rewarded in time… He’s the genuine thing, full of teenage enthusiasm, angst, love, confusion- he’s the real deal… a little rough around the edges (lol) but he’s a work in progress and if he ever decides to pursue his writing at another level, he will be successful, in my opinion. He has great instincts and a kind of honesty comes through his work. The other reason I’m writing about this is the obvious attachment that I have developed for this young guy. He reminds me of myself at his age… he is a young, gay kid, full of potential, trying to find a way to come out to his family.  I now understand why he is having such a difficult time with this and if you read his postings, you would figure it out as well… He cares about things very deeply, he is a rare commodity, he loves people too much to hurt them with his ‘problem’. My heart hurts for this boy, his pain, the path that society has forced him to travel, the fear that he must endure just to tell the people  that are most important in his life the secret that haunts him. It is simply not fair. This nonsense has to stop. I have been living a lie for 50 years, a full half century!! What is wrong with this world that thinks it’s fine to abuse the children like this, year after year, after year… ?  I am, at this moment, totally disgusted with this crazy world! So, there’s no way for me to get into the right mindset to tell cute or funny stories about my early life… Instead, I have a request for anyone that reads this- please visit his site and give him a little support. It seems that if I don’t comment, many times noone else does. Right now, he could really use a little love…You won’t be sorry; he’s a real joy! His name is Matty or Mattie (he says he knows himself with either spelling lol). The link is here at my blog-  House of Mattie     Love to all, Tony