so, yesterday I had one of those rare moments in life where I found myself laughing at a phrase that popped into my head because it was one of those times that you realize that it’s the 1st time that you actually put the words together in that order- a virgin sentence, if you will…

The sentence (or thought) that came to me was- Oh my God, I swallowed a camera!
And, it was true…
Life is full of oddities- just when you think that everything is pretty much under control, the worm turns and off you go in a new direction!
I don’t like to dwell on certain things; it intuitively seems unhealthy to me… so, lets just say that there is a medical procedure that entails swallowing an encapsulated camera that takes pictures, like every 2 seconds, or so, and records the images on a computer-like device that you wear during the 8 hour test. There are leads that attach to your abdomen just like those EKG leads you wear during an electrocardiogram test, and the leads go to the computer-like, battery supported gizmo that you carry around until the test is over. Unbelievable!
So, I was driving back from the hospital where the device was installed, if you will, and trying to navigate through a blinding, blowing rain storm, when the thought popped into my head… Over the course of my life, these odd moments have amused me as much as the rare deja vu moments have intrigued me.
I think that there are perhaps times in my life that give me pause to think, to put things into perspective, to laugh about, to puzzle about, that are really transition points… The journey that brings us to these points is a bit of a blur and it is at these moments, in my life anyways, that things seem to come into focus. Maybe that’s why I was laughing… I guess that what I’m trying to say is that we seem to get caught up in the mundane, which, after all, is maybe 98% of our waking moments, until something hits us over the head and says “HELLO!”
We are all on this earth for a very short time… We really are just specs in the massive spectrum of time. We probably should stop being so self-absorbed and start reveling in the odd fact that we are even part of this cosmos and spread a little of the humor and love that we tend to keep for ourselves.
When I am finally just ‘dust in the wind’, I want to be remembered for the way I carried myself through this life- the joy that people felt when I shared my time with them, the strength that I provided for those in need of strength, the love that I gave to those in despair…
These are difficult times for many people; we all have a stake in the game, it’s up to us to determine the rules and how the game ends….. It’s never too late to love.