Well folks, and I do hope you’re all well, today is one of those dismal-looking days that turns out OK even though at the beginning that was in doubt…Let me get on my soapbox for a minute or so, if you’ll humor me…A kind gesture goes a long way, as most people seem to know. In my case, one of my clients [I’m a carpenter by trade] sent along a final payment for a kitchen remodel that I just completed. In the mailing, he enclosed a note which read “Thanks for the great work- Dianne loves her new kitchen.” Now, that may seem like an insignificant thing, but to me, after all the hard work, care and planning that went into making that job complete,  that little sentence made my day!

      Yeah Yeah, I know. Silly and all, right?
      Well, the fact of the matter is, hearing that what you pour your heart and soul into is appreciated by the beneficiary, makes the work rewarding. And, what did it take? A simple note!         So, when you get the chance, compliment someone on the job they’re doing or have done; pay it foward, if you will… it does’nt cost a cent and you could have a friend for life…how’s that?
     As I said at the outset, I’m new to this whole internet thing; I know, I sound like a old codger or something, anyways please excuse the crudeness of the blog and all that, it’s all new to me, hell I’m surprised I’m even doing this! Is this what they mean by an “internet virus?”
      Since I type at about the speed of a line at Dunkin’Donuts, I’ll have to sign off now to get my dinner together and rest my weary finger. I’m not kidding… I’m trying to learn to type with more than just one or two, but it’ll take a while. In closing- be nice to someone, it does’nt cost a thing… usually!        Tony